Photo Contest Rules & Regulations

The Winner of 2013 Photo Contest - Brent Eysler

  • Last date to submit your photos is July 4th 2014

  • The contest pics will go online on our Facebook page for public review and polling by July 7th 2014

  • Contest winners will be announced on July 15th 2014

  • Submit your Photos to with the Subject "Photo Contest Entry".
  1. Register at the venue on Saturday, May 3rd to qualify for submission.

  2. No Photographs will be accepted if not registered, on or before 3rd May, 2014.

  3. Multiple photographs within each submission will be accepted.

  4. High Res JPEGs max size 12MB {RAW Files if applicable - will be called upon for verification}

  5. No Digital Altering allowed. All photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appeared. Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization will be disqualified. Acceptable are adjustments to color, contrast, brightness and sharpness; removal of dust and scratches; cropping; black and white conversions; and use of HDR (high dynamic range), where multiple exposures of the same scene are combined for a greater tonal range. Not acceptable are photo composites (combination of two or more photos, not of the same scene); the addition, duplication, deletion or moving of objects in the photos; or the use of artistic digital filters and effects. Examples of artistic filters and effects are watercolor, neon glow, posterizing, stained glass, and others which do not show the scene in its natural way.

  6. Photographs submitted will be the property of NYC Bhangra & due credits will be given where ever applicable.

Presented By NYC Bhangra
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Relive 2013!!

Our 5th annual Holi Hai festival, organized by NYC Bhangra &, is a FREE ADMISSION event. Please register here to attend this event. For more information, check out our FAQs.

Welcome to the happiest festival in New York City! Holi Hai, also known as the Festival of Colors, celebrates the coming of spring, the joy of friendship, and equality for all. All nationalities and ethnicities are encouraged to participate! Make sure to wear white because this party gets colorful. The colored powders used in Holi represent happiness, love, and the freedom to live vibrantly. Take the opportunity to cover yourself and your friends in colorful powders and dance your heart out. Enjoy musical performances, delicious food, and an afternoon of messy, free fun!

Promotional Video

Check out this video from last year’s event to see what Holi is all about.

Holi 2013

Take a look at some of the best shots from Holi 2013. For additional photos, check us out on Facebook.
Don’t forget to bring your camera to this year’s event and participate in our Annual Photo Contest.
Check out last year’s winner below!

Are you ready for Holi 2014?

It will be bigger than ever.




This festival combines color, music and performance into one big dance party. Move to a rhythm set by the Dhol, a percussion instrument which determines the beat for our dance steps. On stage, you’ll see local talent performing Bhangra dance and music. Bhangra is an energetic Indian folk dance from the northern region of India. You may recognize a few Bhangra phrases, such as “Balle, Balle”, which means “Hurray!”

Special Performance by


Geeta Zaildar is a famous Punjabi cultural singer in the Punjabi Music World. At the time he is the role model of Punjabi youngsters. He started his career with his album 'Dil Di Rani'. Some of his hit albums are 'Nain','Kamlee Hoyee','Close 2 Me','Billo Nach Nach Ke'. His single collaborations with other artists have been massive hits such as 'Goriye' in Aman Hayers album 'The Entourage','Dil Mangeya' ,'Crazy Jatt' Or 'Jawani'. In his career of acting he debuted in a Punjabi film Pinky Moge Wali with a supporting role. He will work on building it in 2013 with upcoming movies' like 'Viyah 70 KM' With Harish Verma(Yaar Anmulle Fame).

Music By


DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid introduced Portland, Oregon nightclub audiences to the sounds of Bhangra, Bollywood and Global Bass around the turn of the millennium. They host one of the city's longest-running dance parties and regularly play to festival crowds throughout the Pacific Northwest including a headline performance at the Sasquatch! Music Festival dance stage.

DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid have spent more than a decade igniting dance floors with cutting edge music not limited by borders or language. They are most known for incinerating dance floors with the South Asian sounds of Bhangra and Bollywood, but the duo scour the globe for any hard-hitting music that combines local music traditions with window-rattling production. Anjali and The Kid host a cult radio show on KBOO community radio where they have been regular hosts since 2006, and they just began a new radio show on XRAY.FM

"Known for bringing cutting-edge music to virgin ears, they are guaranteed to throw you a good time"
-Eleven PDX Magazine December 2013

Music By


Wy land [w ay l uh nd] n. an unconventional indie-alt. rock group sharing a collection of short narratives spanning from early 2013 to the present; told by singer/songwriter Ryan Sloan, keyboardist Pablo Techera, guitarist Mauricio Salazar, upright bassist Kara Delonas and drummer Matt Pana; a non-fiction; based in New Jersey; the tension and release; the bitter and the sweet; stories for the world.

Often compared to the likes of Coldplay and U2, Wyland is a family-friendly music group with colorfully-layered music. This year, Wyland has taken part in South by Southwest in Austin Texas and will be taking part in New Jersey music festival Skate & Surf, as well as the Jersey Shore music festival.

Up and Coming Stars

NYC Bhangra Dance Company

East West School of Dance

Kolattam by Yuvalaya

Rhythmaya Dance Company

Salsa by Fiebre Bugalu

Come see these young dancers, teams and stars perform and have some fun. See them dance their hearts out and let them show you some moves you are definitely going want to try for yourself.

They will get your foot tapping and heart beat racing. Their jaw dropping moves and upbeat music will have you cheering and dancing along in no time.


To fully experience the Holi Culture and Traditions, you must taste it.
Great Indian Food and other Vendors will help you get there.


Hand Crafted



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other question, give us a shout.

No, the color powders are made of natural ingredients and are not hazardous. Please keep in mind that colors or powders purchased outside the festival are not permitted. Upon arrival, you will receive your own free color (first come, first serve). Don’t worry, we have more than enough to go around!

No, this event is free entry for all, but a ticket is required for entry. Reserve your ticket here.

Anyone and everyone is invited! We welcome all nationalities and ethnicities to join us in our Holi celebration. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate life, color and happiness - the more, the merrier!

We recommend that you wear white or light-colored clothing so that the full impact of the colors is easily seen. Although the colored powder washes out of most clothing, it is a good idea to choose clothes you don’t mind getting messy. Note that the colors will wash off your skin and hair.

If you are bringing your phone or other electronics, we recommend using a plastic bag to protect these devices from the colored powder.

No, there is no age restriction for this event. Everyone is invited - young and old!

There will be a variety of vendors offering food and beverages for purchase. Food and beverages purchased outside the event will not be allowed on premises.


Dag Hammerskjold Plaza

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    New York, NY 10017
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